Issues are not left or right.

Issues are human.
The government enacts policies that affect our everyday lives—the things we can and cannot do. The protections we enjoy and the exposure we experience.


Policies should support our health and growth, as individuals and as communities.


But in order for policy to be informed and support us, we—you and I—have to be vocal and let our leaders know what we believe to be good and healthy policy.


Come here to learn about the issues and be involved.

Human Issues


Child Advocacy




Women’s Health




Economic Stability

The cost of your milk is affected by policy.

You don’t have to be a policy expert to get involved. You just have to care about issues.

Women’s Health

Menstrual products are not medically necessary, according to the IRS. But hair loss and sunburn products are.

Education Funding

Educators are paid far less than similarly educated professionals.

Family Support

Low-income, single fathers are disproportionately affected by their inability to pay bail, even on minor charges, creating a debt cycle that takes them away from their children.

Access to Opportunity

The median wealth of a white American household is $163,000. Median black household is $16,000.

THESE are human issues. They affect our quality of life. They alter the way we feel about ourselves and our world.

And, they stem from policies.

If these issues resonate, let us keep you informed.

You Can Help


You don’t need to be a policy expert to get involved. You just have to care about issues.

We help you help the cause.


Sign the petition to help encourage the legislature + congress to take note of this issue.


Write your congresspeople (your Representative and Senators at a national level) and/or your legislators (your Representative and Senators at a state level) and let them know that you are concerned about these issues and that you hope they will support change.


Your monetary gift helps provide for public awareness campaigns, events, public education and government outreach.

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Join us! As we stand together.

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